About Us

Gwyneth - is a freelance artist specialising in watercolours and ceramics. Following an extensive career in Art and Primary education and as a practising artist and potter, Gwyneth was keen to develop further skills using living willow. She attended training in the Centre for Alternative Technology in North Wales and on the Somerset levels where she learned the basic skills needed to work successfully with this medium.

Chris - has had a life long interest in growing things. This led to courses on willow structures in Somerset. The opportunity arose to help build some of these in gardens and in schools. Having been in education for 35 years she saw the need and opportunity to provide such structures for others to use and enjoy and at the same time encourage children to care for their environment.

Gwyneth attended a weeks training in 2005, making living willow structures at the Centre of Alternative Technology, Machynlleth, North Wales. Tutors: Stephanie Bunn and Jon Warnes.
Gwyneth and Chris attended day training courses in 2007 at Blackdown Hills Craft Association. Various tutors, based on Green furniture making, Making living chairs, making hazel wood chairs, using willow for animal sculptures, making trugs and fences.
Gwyneth and Chris attended day courses in 2010 at Musgrove Willows, Westonzoyland, Somerset. Tutored by Sophie Courtiour on igloos, tunnels, fences and bowers.